Lawn Care St. Louis

Lawn Sprinklers St. Louis can rejuvenate your lawn into an incredible floral masterpiece

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Do you want an incredible, well-manicured, maintenance free green lawn? Lawn Sprinklers St. Louis can give you just that. Our team are experts at cultivating healthy green lawns, and we know the best methods to install irrigation systems so that your lawns are properly watered when they need it and not over-watered.

What are our Lawn Care Services in St. Louis?

Lawn care isn't just about mowing lawns, it's about knowing how to correct problems when they arise, and how to keep those problems from starting in the first place. Our team are experts at lawn care in St. Louis. We have several different services that you can choose from to get your lawn to the exact shape you want it in. Feel free to browse through the list and call our lawn care team if you have any questions.

Lawn Fertilization - Maintaining a green lawn also requires knowing how to properly feed it, and that requires more than just water. Our lawn care team in St. Louis has several different strategies and proven methods we can use to keep your lawn green.

Lawn Seeding - To keep a green lawn you have to know how and when to grow one. Lawn seeding ensures that your grass remains thick and healthy all year round.

Lawn Aeration - Did you know that grass can get suffocated if it's packed too tightly? Even grass needs air to breath. Lawn aeration ensures that oxygen gets down deep to the roots of your grass which helps the roots grow stronger.

Grub Control - Grubs like to eat roots and destroy yards, and the majority of the time you won't know your lawn is being damaged until it's too late. Our Grub Control crew in St. Louis knows how to spot the signs of a grub problem and we know how to get rid of them on the spot.

Weed Control - Sometimes your grass isn't the only green thing growing in your lawn. Weeds can kill a green lawn faster than you may think. We have proven methods to control and destroy weeds and these methods will help keep your lawn healthy, and happy.

Sprinkler Systems - You may not have all day to sit outside and water your lawn. That's where sprinkler systems and irrigation control come in. Our team is licensed and certified to provide, recommend and install irrigation and sprinkler systems, and we know the best and most proven methods to make sure your lawn gets all of the water it needs.

Lawn Care Seasonal Schedule

Fertilization & Weed Control - Early Spring: Pre-emergent weed control knocks out weeds before they emerge from the ground; fertilizer promotes strong root development and rich green color.

Late Spring - Dry application of balanced fertilizer enhances root development and enriches color; pre-emergent weed control retards future growth.

Early Summer - This application will provide your lawn with the nutrients the turf needs for growth for the summer months.

Early Fall - A balanced fertilizer that promotes strong root development and a post-emergent herbicide to knock out any broadleaf weeds that may pop up.

Late Fall - High nitrogen fertilizer provides nutrients to establish strong root control and early spring green up.

Where do we provide Lawn care Services in the Greater St. Louis area?

Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis provides lawn care services all throughout the Greater St. Louis area. We currently provide lawn care to these locations:

Clayton, Richmond Heights, Ladue, Des Peres, Olivette, Creve Coeur, Ballwin, Wildwood, Kirkwood, Webster Groves, University City, Maryland Heights, St. Charles, St. Peters, O'Fallon MO

If you're city isn't on the list, give us a call so that we can talk about your lawn care needs. Our team can be reached at (314) 450-0342