Grub Control St. Louis

Grubs are terrible pests that can dramatically affect the health of your lawn. They need to be removed.

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There's nothing worse than digging up a big grub when you're planting flowers or working in your garden. The presence of grubs in any lawn can be absolutely devastating to the health of the lawn and any other flowers/vegetables that you may have planted. What can you do when you find grubs in your lawn?

Lawn Sprinklers St. Louis is a professional lawn care company in St. Louis, and we know how to destroy lawn grubs and make sure that your lawn is impervious to any future grubs. If you're currently dealing with lawn grubs and you need help protecting your lawn, call our team at (314) 450-0342.

Grub Control St. Louis - Grub Removal

First, how can you tell if your lawn has a grub problem? Dead patches of grass, or thinning in an area of your lawn can be a direct indicator that you may have a grub problem. You're most likely to notice the thinning grass in the months of August and September when higher heats and lower rainfall put more pressure on your lawn.

If you find one grub in your lawn, does that mean you have a grub infestation? Not necessarily. The way to tell whether or not you have a large grub problem is to peel back the area where you have thinning or dead grass, and see how many grubs you can dig up in a square foot. If it's 10 or more grubs per that area, then you have a grub problem. If it's substantially less, you may not have a grub problem. Repeat this process in every area of your lawn where it's thinning in patches or looks dead.

Grub Worm Removal St. Louis - What to do next

Now that you've discovered you have a grub worm problem, what do you do next? How do you get rid of these pests? You have two options. You can either go out and purchase a few different insecticides and spray/dig in the lawn yourself, or you can hire a team of professionals who are used to dealing with grubs and these chemicals and will be able to get the job done right the first time.

Our team knows the proper levels of insecticide to use, and how to make sure that the lawn is protected going forward. Dealing with grubs so that they don't return requires knowing how to get rid of them completely. If you have a grub problem that is causing blemishes in your yard, call our grub control team as soon as you can at (314) 450-0342.

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If grub control is only one of the services you need, we offer a complete selection of lawn care services. Feel free to call us and ask for a quote regarding any of the services listed below:

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