Sprinkler System Winterizing St. Louis

Winterizing a sprinkler system ensures that it survives the winter seasons and that it can be restarted once spring has returned.

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You winterize your pool, your lawn mower, and even your hoses outside of your house. If you aren't including your sprinkler system in your winterizing regiment, you're leaving out a critical piece of the process. Winterizing your sprinkler system ensures that it works properly when the weather warms up again in the spring. If you need to winterize your sprinkler system, call our team at (314) 450-0342. We're sprinkler system professionals and we can ensure that your system is winterized correctly and safely.

Sprinkler System Winterizing St. Louis - How to

Blow-Out Method - This method uses compressed air to clear the system out. Why do we air compress the lines? Even just 1 day of freezing temperatures can damage the backflow preventer. The backflow is several hundred dollars to replace. The pvc and poly lines can crack from expansion when the water freezes. The under ground lines can also get small cracks in the pipe weakening the durability. The cracks eventually split open from water pressure movement and hammering during operation. First, it is important to use the correct size air compressor. Too much pressure can cause damage to the shut off valve in the home. A damaged valve will not completely close allowing water to trickle all winter long. Too high of pressure also can cause damage to the irrigation valves, sprinkler heads, and piping. High compressor pressure can also damage the backflow preventer. There are several spring loaded, rubber and plastic working fittings inside the backflow. When damaged, the backflow will fail causing a constant water drip. Repairs can be expensive. Too little pressure leaves water in the irrigation lines. Freeze expansion cracks in the lines will eventually break from usage. Valves can also damage causing a slow leak. Lawn Sprinklers St Louis uses a several thousand dollar air compressor that operates at a low pressure, but enough power to clear the water in the lines.

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Lawn Sprinklers St. Louis is the lawn care company in St. Louis that will give you the product you want the first time. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional results and we are as passionate about lawn care as you are about having an amazing lawn. If sprinkler system winterizing is a service you need, or if you're interested in our lawn care services or landscape lighting, we're more than happy to tell you about those options as well. Call our sprinkler system winterizing professionals at (314) 450-0342.