Lawn Fertilization St. Louis

You want your grass to be healthy and brilliantly green. Our team can get it there.

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Green, vibrant grass takes more than regular watering. It takes fertilization, careful attention the chemical levels of the grass, and knowledge about when and when not to fertilize. Our team specializes in Professional Lawn Fertilization in St. Louis. We know how to properly care for and fertilize lawns, and if you want a

Professional Lawn Fertilization St. Louis

Grass doesn't always have to be greener on the other side. You can have healthy green grass too! Our Lawn Fertilization experts in St. Louis can help you get there. We know, firstly, how to fertilize correctly, and we also know that grass health relies on a precarious balance between the different chemicals in the soil.

If the individual or company you are currently trusting to fertilize your lawn doesn't know this, then you have to ask yourself whether or not you've actually hired an expert. Our team tests the ph levels of your grass to make sure that it's at a safe level, and that your grass has the optimal chance to grow. If you're not sure about your current provider and the lawn fertilization service you're receiving, call our team at (314) 450-0342. We can give you a clear picture of the health of your lawn and the service you're currently receiving.

Lawn Care and Lawn Fertilization in St. Louis

Spring is the optimal time to start any lawn fertilization project. The ground temperatures are finally rising, and the soil is opening up and your lawn is searching for nutrition. Our lawn fertilization team in St. Louis take advantage of this and apply several different strategies to make sure that your lawn gets 100% of the nutrition and care it needs during this time.

Spring, however, is only the start. To keep your grass green and healthy, you need to apply fertilizer to your lawn several different times throughout the year. Our crew will return during each vital part of the year to make sure that you can sit back, relax and enjoy your yard while we do all of the maintenance and lawn care that it needs. If this sounds like a service that you want, call our team at (314) 450-0342.