Lawn Aeration St. Louis

Lawn Aeration is a lawn care service that's critical to maintaining a healthy lawn.

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Lawn Aeration insures that your lawn remains healthy, vibrant, and green. When soil becomes too compacted it can drastically affect the health of your lawn and cause issues that are difficult to correct. Lawn Sprinklers St. Louis is a professional lawn care company that knows the correct ways to perform lawn aeration and we always recommend to our clients that if they haven't aerated their lawn before that it's a service that absolutely need to consider. To learn more about lawn aeration or our other lawn care services, call our team today at (314) 450-0342.

Lawn Aeration Service St. Louis

Healthy lawns need air to grow, and the best way to make sure that air, nutrients, and water get to the roots of your lawn is by implementing an aeration plan into your lawn care. Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis is a lawn care company in St. Louis that provides professional lawn aeration services. Our team knows the proper methods to use to fully aerate your lawn, and we can combine this service with our other lawn care techniques to make sure that your lawn is the envy of all of your neighbors.

Why should you aerate your lawn? Over time, the soil that your lawn is rooted till will become compacted, and it will be more difficult for your grass to reach the vital nutrition that it needs in the compacted soil. This problem only gets worse during periods of high temperatures and low rainfall. Grass needs space to be healthy to grow to its full potential.

When Should you Aerate your lawn?

You should aerate your lawn when your lawn starts to show these signs: water pooling on the surface of a flat yard, the grass looks stressed or weak, the soil is hard to the touch. When one of these signs arises, it's time to aerate your lawn. Aeration is going to immediately improve these issues by allowing more air into the lawn as well as water and other nutrients that will boost the health and vitality of your lawn.

Now that we know the signs to look for when your lawn needs to be aerated, when is the best time to actually do it? You want your lawn to be moist, but not drenched. The best time to do it is the day after rainfall, or several hours after the sprinklers have watered the lawn. If the lawn is too hard, it will be difficult to properly aerate. If the lawn is drenched, chances are the machine that is being used won't operate the way it should. Our team knows the best methods to use when aerating a lawn, and we can make sure that you get the exact result that you want.

Lawn Aeration - What to do After

After the aeration service is completed, your lawn will have the leftover plugs that the aeration machine has created. These don't need to be removed from the lawn, they actually breakdown on their own and send the nutrients back into the lawn. This breakdown will most likely happen with the next rain, or the next time your lawn is mowed.

Lawn Aeration is a critical part of any lawn care service package, and if your current providers aren't including it in the list of services they give to you, call our team at (314) 450-0342. We can give you a clear picture of the current health of your lawn and also recommend other services that you may not be receiving.