Weed Control St. Louis

Weeds grow fast and can tarnish a well-maintained lawn. Our lawn care team can make sure that your weed problem is eradicated.

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There's nothing worse than seeing flowering yellow weeds pop up in your lawn, or to find crab grass growing around the corners of your concrete or in the middle of your lawn. Removing weeds seems like a simple enough task; Pull them out or spray them with weedkiller. Why then do they keep returning?

Effectively managing weeds takes more than weedkiller or a little elbow grease. You need to know how to stop the problem at it's source. Our lawn care company in St. Louis has effective and proven methods to combat weed growth and to make sure that your lawn remains weed free. If you're currently dealing with weeds and want your lawn to be weed-free, call our team at (314) 450-0342.

Weed Control St. Louis - Weed Removal

In any lawn, weeds can be unsightly. They grow faster than grass, they grow thicker and taller, and just their presence can be detrimental to the rest of the flowers or landscaping that you may be cultivating. Knowing the correct methods to get rid of weeds requires more than just weedkiller and a trowel. You have to know how to prevent them from coming back. Our lawn care services in St. Louis include weed prevention and control as a staple of the service.

Weed prevention requires several different methods to ensure that weeds do not grow back. You have to remove the weeds down to their roots. Preventative measures also need to be taken to ensure that any leftover root systems aren't able to grow back. To keep the weeds and roots from regrowing, a combination of weedkiller and soil chemicals will be required. Our team knows the exact combinations and methods that need to be used to ensure that the weeds remained destroyed.

Weed Control Services - St. Louis

Don't wait till the weeds are bad to give our team a call. Preventative measures can save your lawn and ensure that you continue to have a green, healthy and incredible lawn. If you have any questions about our weed control methods, or if you would like to speak with our team regarding pricing, give us a call at (314) 450-0342. If you need other services than we control, we also provide the lawn care services listed below:

Lawn Sprinklers St. Louis is the lawn care company in St. Louis that will give you the product you want the first time. We're dedicated to delivering exceptional results and we are as passionate about lawn care as you are about having an amazing lawn. If weed control is a service you need, or if your interested in our lawn sprinkler systems or landscape lighting, we're more than happy to tell you about those options as well. Call our Weed Control Professionals at (314) 450-0342.