Irrigation System Repair Richmond Heights, MO

Irrigation System Repair in Richmond Heights, MO. Having a quality in-ground irrigation system on your Richmond Heights property can be an excellent thing to have. Being able to time when you want your property watered, having the power to adapt your irrigation patterns to battle increased use or poor weather conditions, and controlling the exact amount of water you use on your property are all key reasons why more and more people in Richmond Heights, MO are putting underground sprinkler systems in their backyard or on sports fields or parks. However, when these systems start to go bad you should not trust just abybody with working on them. You want a repair company who fixes your Richmond Heights irrigation system right the first time, using the highest quality tools and latest technology. In addition, you demand the person repairing your Richmond Heights sprinklers to know how to fix your system regardless of what make or model it is, and to back their work if anything ever goes wrong.

For over four decades, Richmond Heights-area home and property owners have relied on Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis whenever they need irrigation system repairs. We use the latest technology to find problems with your Richmond Heights irrigation system and fix them before they evolve into major hassles. Our team is fully bonded and licensed by St. Louis County and the state of Missouri to test backflow systems and install sprinkler systems. No matter whether your irrigation system is on a residential or commercial property, how old it is, or its manufacturer: Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis can fix whatever problems your Richmond Heights irrigation system might have.

Call us today at 314-450-0342 or contact us online to get a no-obligation estimate or to learn more. Our team works around your schedule and also offers additional Richmond Heights lawn care services as well, including landscape lighting, fertilization, weed control and more.

Richmond Heights, MO Irrigation Services For All Seasons

Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis offers much more than just small repairs and necessary services for your Richmond Heights, MO irrigation system. Having the correct additional repairs done now can save you time, money, and trouble down the road.

  • Irrigation System Activation: during colder months, using your irrigation system in Richmond Heights would likely be a net negative to both your sprinkler system and your grass. Between grass reacting poorly to irrigation in cold weather and frozen water causing pipe leakages or cracks, it is best that you do not operate your irrigation system between the months of October to February. However, when spring rolls around and you want to begin using your irrigation system in Richmond Heights once again, call Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis and book a total system test and activation. Making sure that your Richmond Heights irrigation system is free of issues when you first need it will save you a lot of trouble throughout the spring and summer.
  • Irrigation System Winterizing: by the same token, making sure that your irrigation system's underground pipes are totally cleared of water by a sprinkler blowout expert is crucial to prevent sprinkler lines exploding during cold temperatures. Our Richmond Heights staff uses best-in-class technology that guarantees that your sprinkler lines are fully cleared during colder temperatures and are ready to go once weather improves in March.
  • Backflow Testing: not only is backflow testing an important procedure, it's also mandated by law in Richmond Heights, MO. Your irrigation system has a small part known as a backflow preventer that prevents the non-drinkable water used to irrigate your grass from entering the municipal water supply. To prevent the water you and I drink from being tainted with weed-killers or other products used to treat your lawn, As fully licensed backflow system testers, we can guarantee that your irrigation system meets all Richmond Heights backflow regulations.

Premier Irrigation System Repair Services in Richmond Heights, MO | Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis

Regardless of whether your Richmond Heights, MO irrigation system is in your house's backyard or is used to keep a sports complex or a golf course lush and green: whenever a problem rears its head with your irrigation system, give Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis a call right away. Our fully bonded and licensed repair persons are ready to handle whatever irrigation system repair your system requires. It does not matter how big or small your needs are, and we service all brands of sprinkler systems. Our staff offers all our Richmond Heights-area customers friendly service and if anything ever goes wrong with your irrigation system repairs, we will come back and fix it free of charge.

Join the growing number of home and property owners and managers across Richmond Heights, MO who are calling Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis for all their irrigation and lawncare needs. To get a complimentary estimate or to talk more about any of our services, call us at 314-450-0342 or talk to us us online now.