Sprinkler Winterization Service Ballwin, MO

Sprinkler Winterization Service in Ballwin, MO. During the spring and summer, an underground, integrated sprinkler system can be a vital addition to your house. Having the power to program when you want your lawn to be watered, not having to carry a hose and sprinkler out every weekend, and limiting the amount of water used to keep your yard bright and lush are all qualities that Ballwin homeowners like about their sprinkler systems. However, when the weather gest colder and it's not smart to water your grass, unlike normal sprinklers you cannot just put your sprinkler on a shelf and be done with your sprinkler system for the season. With an integrated sprinkler system, you need to talk to a sprinkler winterization service expert who can fully flush your system, ensure that no water remains in the pipes that might freeze during the winter, and ensure that your system will be ready to go when the weather improves.

For over than 40 years, the crew at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis has helped Ballwin-area homeowners keep their sprinkler systems working properly all through the year. We offer a complete sprinkler winterization service that completely eliminates residual water in your pipes, clears out sprinkler heads, and most crucially protects your backflow preventer. Winterizing your sprinkler system today saves you worry, time, and most notably money from entirely preventable repairs. Call us now at 314-450-0342 or contact us online to learn more about our Ballwin, MO sprinkler winterization service, or any of Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis' other lawn care services.

Why Should I Winterize My Sprinkler System?

While in some regions of the country the climate is mild enough to allow a sprinkler system to be operated throughout the year, anyone who has ever lived in Ballwin knows that our climate simply does not permit that to occur. Here in the Midwest, it is not uncommon for temperatures to go below freezing as early as November. Therefore, if you have an inground sprinkler system, properly preparing it for the frigid winter months is key to avoid pipe breakage, leaks, and substantial maintenance costs.

Although your Ballwin, MO sprinkler system is not being used during the winter, tiny, leftover amounts of water can stay in the pipes and lines buried beneath your yard. During }freezing|cold} weather, these tiny droplets expand and can cause sprinkler lines to leak or crack. Both metal and PVC lines are prone to these cracks, and when the system is turned back on when weather gets warmer, the high water pressure of a underground sprinkler systems causes these pipes to burst. In addition, even 24 hours of freezing temperatures with water in a sprinkler system can damage the backflow preventer that every sprinkler system is required to have.

As one would assume, fixing these broken pipes is a costly, time-intensive process that often means that some or all of your Ballwin, MO lawn must be dug up. This only drives the cost of repairs up as now you not only have to pay for repairs on your sprinkler system, but also for your lawn to be fixed. While calling a sprinkler winterization service now may seem like a needless expense, it is a small price to pay when compared to what happens when you do not adequately ready your sprinkler system for the winter.

How Our Ballwin Sprinkler Winterization Service Works

Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis uses the "air blowout" method to winterize Ballwin-area sprinkler systems. As its name would imply, it uses compressed air to rid all leftover water out of a system to ensure that the lines are completely clear when the weather gets colder. All pipes, valves, and heads, in addition to the backflow converter, are blasted with air to leave them clear of any water and ready to be turned off.

While this process may seem simple, in actuality, it is quite complicated. Using too much air or the wrong air pressure can damage a sprinkler system itself, and by the same token low-pressure or not enough air can leave some leftover water around in your sprinkler lines. Our licensed and experienced technicians know the exact, precise quantity of air and air pressure needed for all makes and models of sprinkler system in Ballwin to ensure that all water is removed and you do not have to worry about your sprinkler lines freesing over the winter months.

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Winterizing your underground sprinkler system saves you time, money, and worry that your system will not be ready to operate when you need it again in the springtime. Get in touch with the experienced Ballwin, MO sprinkler technicians at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis to ready your sprinkler system for the winter today. Give us a call at 314-450-0342 or contact us online to schedule a time for our sprinkler winterization service to come by your Ballwin property.