Lawn Care Service

Lawn care service Maryland Heights, MO. The importance of a healthy, green lawn goes way beyond pats on the back and neighborhood bragging rights. Through photosynthesis, plush, vibrant greenery minimizes carbon dioxide in the atmosphere while adding oxygen. Going even further, according to recent environmental research by the University of Minnesota, recycling lawn clippings by mulching and keeping them on a Maryland Heights, MO lawn to decompose decreases the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere by up to 60 percent as opposed to removing the clippings. Permitting your lawn, field, or greenery to turn dark, depressed, and despondent isn’t the answer.

Your answer to keeping a functional – and environmentally friendly – green space in Maryland Heights, MO is lawn care service via Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis. We work to get you the lavish, green lawn you are entitled to in Maryland Heights, MO. And you’ll get those bragging rights, plus the envy of the neighborhood, as icing on the cake.

For the top lawn care services in the Maryland Heights, MO area, reach out to us or give us a call at 314-450-0342.

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Maryland Heights, MO Lawn Care Service: It All Starts With a Green Lawn

Our lawn care service experts near Maryland Heights, MO, know just the right fusion of fertilizer to utilize, at just the right time of year. Our specialty lawn fertilizer contains the established balance of the vital nutrients nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These fertilizers promote strong grass development from the roots, and the lawn, in turn, stays green, healthy, and lush. We use varying levels of the nutrients throughout the year in Maryland Heights, MO, to guarantee long-term growth and stabilization.

To help preserve your gorgeous green lawn in Maryland Heights, MO, our lawn care service team depends on high quality sprinkler systems. We are licensed to install and inspect irrigation systems in Maryland Heights, MO — from Rainbird and Hunter to Toro and Weathermatic — and, with over 30 years of lawn care service experience, we realize the choice methods and installation spots to use while installing and preserving sprinkler systems for Maryland Heights, MO area yards.

Lawn Care Service: Sustaining Your Green Lawn in Maryland Heights, MO

Once our lawn care service professional has diagnosed your lawn in Maryland Heights, MO, prepared a tailored lawn care service procedure, and applied our system, you are well on your way. In fact, you can sitback, kick off your shoes, and lounge in Maryland Heights, MO. Enjoy your luscious lawn. We can feel it now. It feels great. However, we can’t relax. Nothing is more shameful to us than a dark, drooping lawn in Maryland Heights, MO. Just the idea of that monstrosity keeps us up at night. Our lawn care service team near Maryland Heights, MO will not let that happen. Our full-service, mindful lawn care service in Maryland Heights, MO is a favorite of Maryland Heights, MO residents. For a free estimate on our lawn care service, reach out to us or phone us at 314-450-0342.

As well as our fertilization and sprinkler system services, the Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis premier lawn care services near Maryland Heights, MO, include:

  • Lawn Seeding — is your lawn appearing a bit decrepit? Bring your lawn back to life with our lawn care and seeding services in Maryland Heights, MO
  • Lawn Aeration — if your grass is looking dull or hapless, it could use some oxygen and nutrients. Our Maryland Heights, MO, lawn care and aeration services can restore the vibrancy and lushness in your lawn
  • Grub Control — grubs can ruin your lawn. Let our team restore the beauty of your lawn with our thorough grub control and lawn care services in Maryland Heights, MO
  • Weed Control — nothing ruins a beautiful lawn or garden more than weeds. Our Maryland Heights, MO, lawn care and weed control services can effectively remove nettlesome weeds from your lawn and guarantee that they remain gone

Your lawn care service specialists of Maryland Heights, MO, offer a wide variety of industry-leading options for your lawn, field or landscaping. See a list here:

For more information on our entire list of lawn care services in the Maryland Heights, MO area, contact us or give us a call at 314-450-0342.

Lawn Care Service in Maryland Heights, MO | Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis

From season to season, the lawn care service pros at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis know the top mechanisms for protecting the wholesome look of your lawn in Maryland Heights, MO. Our team can help, whether you need commercial lawn care services or residential landscaping and lawn care in Maryland Heights, MO. Our lawn care service experts know the best methods for ensuring that your lawn is fresh, vibrant, and lively. We provide personalized lawn care service plans for each customer, because no lawn or growth pattern is ever the same. Maryland Heights, MO weather is fickle, at best, but we have the firsthand lawn care service know-how to get your lawn the nutrient-rich fertilizer it requires.

Do you want a lawn and lawn care service that you can't help but show off to your friends and family? Do you want the Maryland Heights, MO neighborhood bragging rights? And that head-turning, shoulder-shrugging envy? Most of all, do you want the lawn care service that is most beneficial for the earth in Maryland Heights, MO? Call (314) 450-0342 or contact your lawn care service company, Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis, today for a free estimate.