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Spring Lawn Care Sappington, MO. The early bird gets the first worm, right? Well, no, actually. Not when it comes to spring lawn care in Sappington, MO. Beginning too soon can damage your lawn. This begs the question: How can you know when it’s time to start mowing, fertilizing, and watering in Sappington? The answer is easy — contact the Sappington, MO area’s spring lawn care professionals at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis. Call us today at (314) 450-0342 or reach out to us online for a no-cost estimate in Sappington.

Our Sappington, MO spring lawn care experts have decades of experience working on St. Louis-area lawns, fields, and greenspaces. We know what it means to have heads turning to look at your plush, vibrant green lawn, and we know how to go about getting — and maintaining — one. Whether it’s installing a sprinkler system to save you time, water, and money in Sappington, repairing an existing sprinkler system, or providing you with choices for landscape lighting, Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis is the place to connect with for all of your Sappington lawn care needs. We do the heavy lifting in the spring so that you can enjoy your lawn the remainder of the year in Sappington, MO.

Don’t hesitate. Give us a call to get started on your Sappington spring lawn care now today at (314) 450-0342 or contact us online.

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Sappington, MO Spring Lawn Care: Is It Time to Start Spring Lawn Care?

Here in Sappington, MO, the spring lawn care team at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis knows that the weather changes at a moment’s notice. One spring day it’s sunny and 60 degrees, followed by 22° and rain, sleet, or snow — the rock band The Clash has it figured out with, “One day it’s fine and next it’s black.” So, there is no specific date we can circle on the calendar and say it’s the best time to start spring lawn care maintenance in Sappington. But, there are some telltale factors that we look for in Sappington’s lawns to help choose when to begin spring lawn care:

  • The grass and soil should be entirely thawed.
  • There shouldn’t be any standing water or muddy areas on the lawn.
  • Average temperatures should be consistently above 40°.
  • Grass should have started actively growing.

If you have any questions or concerns about spring lawn care, or wonder if your Sappington lawn is ready, be sure to call Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis right away at (314) 450-0342 or contact us. We can perform some quick tests on your Sappington, MO lawn to see if we’re ready to get started on Sappington spring lawn care.

In the spring, regrowth should be noticeably longer and a bright, healthy green color. When it has reached about 2 to 3 inches in length, the grass is ready for the first mow of the season. Waiting until this point to start spring lawn care in Sappington, MO will only help protect the delicate, new grass shoots from damage and safeguard the grass roots from trampling and infection. Grass roots will also grow deeper if they need to reach for moisture.

In addition to our spring lawn care, Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis offers the following services to our Sappington, MO neighbors:

Sappington, MO Spring Lawn Care: It’s Time to Get Your Lawn Ready

When spring is in the air in Sappington, reaching out to Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis should coincide with spotting the first crocuses and daffodils. If you want to have more time to hangout with your friends and family doing the things you enjoy in Sappington, give us a call at (314) 450-0342. We’ll do the dirty work so that you can enjoy healthy, green grass and more free time. We have a Sappington, MO spring lawn care step-by-step guide to help Sappington homeowners ready their lawns. As your spring lawn care specialists, we would be happy to help with any of the following in Sappington:

Service the Lawn Mower

Spring means it’s time to break out your lawn mower — aka “Old Reliable” — in Sappington and give it a once over. If you have problems starting it up, that could be a sign that it’s time for a tuneup. take hold in Sappington, MO|In three easy steps you can get your mower back in tip-top shape. Among the key tuneup tasks is sharpening the mower blade. A dull blade damages your Sappington lawn, just like a dull razor hurts your skin. A sharp blade isn’t just important for aesthetics though, it helps prevent disease. The wounds left by a dull mower are focal entry points for fungal diseases to form in Sappington, MO}.

Rake Deeply

You may still have a few stray fallen leaves on the ground in Sappington, but our early spring raking is done primarily to remove thatch. A little thatch in Sappington, MO is a good thing, helping to moderate temperature extremes. However, an accumulation of thatch over a half-inch thick, especially in the Sappington everchanging spring climates, will stifle air and water movement and invite unwanted pests and diseases. Think of this as our spring-cleaning on your lawn. Your spring lawn care specialists at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis rake deeply and thoroughly to help break up any remnants of turfgrass from the previous Sappington season. During the raking we will look over the lawn, particularly any matted patches, for snow mold. New grass may have a tough time getting through these matted patches, but heavy raking can solve this problem in Sappington. Also, caught early enough, the spring lawn care team at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis can solve the snow mold issue quickly and permanently.

Aerate if Necessary

If your Sappington, MO lawn gets constant, heavy traffic, like lots of running and playing in one spot, this can cause soil compaction. Our lawn aeration service makes openings in lawn turf that allows water and air to penetrate the soil and reach the grassroots. Aeration is particularly useful on golf courses near Sappington, MO, mostly on the greens where there is constant, heavy traffic. Spring is not the perfect time to aerate the lawn in Sappington, but circumstances may require it. You should contact our spring lawn care team near you in Sappington if you notice any of these signs:

  • Water pooling on the surface of a flat yard.
  • The grass looks stressed or weak.
  • The soil is hard to the touch.

Give our Sappington spring lawn care pros at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis a call at (314) 450-0342.

Assess the Soil

For those of us who avoided chemistry like the plague in high school, and wasn’t a lifeguard, pH levels are a mystery. But they’re old hat for the experts at Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis. Most Sappington, MO lawns do well at a pH range between 6 and 7, near neutral. Prime examples would be kinds of grass common in the Sappington, MO area:

Acidic soils have pH levels below 7, while alkaline soils measure higher than 7. If your Sappington, MO soil is well outside this range it can be subject to moss growth. Our spring lawn care team can institute soil amendments in Sappington, such as ground limestone, to nudge the pH back to optimal levels in Sappington. This takes time though, as the liming takes hold gradually.


A Sappington lawn riddled with bare patches due to heavy traffic, dog spots, or neglect could use a boost from an application of extra grass seed to fill in those patches. Overseeding is the process of sowing seed over existing grass. Fall is the ideal time to do overseeding in Sappington, but if your grass is in dire need of assistance, our spring lawn care experts can apply it in the spring. It’s possible to apply seed only to the visible bare patches, but we prefer to overseed the entire lawn to guarantee consistent, steady growth and a yard that stays thick and healthy in Sappington.


A lively green lawn in Sappington, MO takes more than simple sprinkling. It takes professional fertilization from our spring lawn care team. We have a personalized, annual fertilization schedule that is dependent on the size and type of your Sappington lawn. Earlier on in our Sappington spring lawn care timetable, we stick to a fundamental approach, like topdressing with compost and mulching lawn clippings into a nutritive source of nitrogen.

Weeding Out The Weeds

For those who prefer weed-free lawns in Sappington, MO, spring lawn care is as much about weed prevention as it is about stimulating lawn growth. The Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis spring lawn care team does not get rid of all Sappington lawn weeds in the same manner. Depending upon whether a weed is annual or perennial, we use either a pre-emergent herbicide or a post-emergent herbicide. To battle weeds like crabgrass in Sappington, you may need a combination of both. Pre-emergent herbicides attack weeds before their seedlings can even emerge. They work by forming a chemical barrier in the top layer of the soil that coats seeds and stops them from growing roots and shoots. Dandelions are bright yellow flowers that are also stubborn perennial growers, making their first appearance in the Sappington, MO spring. Post-emergent herbicides, specifically ones devised for broadleaf weeds, are key for stunting dandelion growth in Sappington. Other weeds we deal with throughout our Sappington spring lawn care treatment include chickweed, white clover, and wild violets.

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The Sappington Spring Lawn Care Experts | Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and we are as passionate about spring lawn care as you are about having an amazing, head-turning, the-neighbors-are-jealous-again lawn in Sappington. For over four decades, our spring lawn care team has helped Sappington, MO homeowners maximize their lawn’s potential. Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis is the spring lawn care company you need in your Sappington yard.

Don’t wait until it’s too late in Sappington. Give Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis a call to get our team going on your Sappington spring lawn care today at (314) 450-0342 or contact us online for an estimate.