Landscape lighting can change the entire look and feel of your property.

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Landscaping Lighting can dramatically transform the look of your Ballwin property at night. Professionally installed landscape lighting can change the entire feel of your property at night and make your house and lawn look and feel one of a kind. If you're interested in our landscape lighting services in Ballwin and would like to know more about what our landscape lighting company could offer your Ballwin home, call our team at (314) 450-0342. We can help you choose the right landscape lighting setup for your Ballwin home or property.

Landscape Lighting Ballwin - Outdoor Lighting Ballwin

Our Landscape Lighting Company in Ballwin has several different lighting options, services, and products that you can choose from. Pathway lighting is popular and something we specialize in. We can make sure that every pathway you use is fully lit for your safety. We also install patio lights to illuminate your yard. Our team has experience using and installing the high-end landscape lighting products that you desire.

We know the best methods to install outdoor lights so that your property and house look incredible. We also illuminate the dark areas of your Ballwin property so that they are well lit to provide your family the security needed at night. It's estimated that professionally installed outdoor lighting can decrease the chances of your house being a target by as much as 20%.

What outdoor lighting products do we use?

To do it right, outdoor lighting can require an entire suite of products. If you have an outdoor area that you use for entertaining, such as a pool, you want to make sure it is properly and fully lit at night for your safety and your guest's safety. You will also want the walkway to the pool to be illuminated for safety. Our team also recommends illuminating any other outdoor entertaining areas that you have, including pavilions, patios, terraces.

Landscape Lighting gives you the freedom to entertain day or night. Our Ballwin outdoor lighting team can help you choose the right lighting fixtures for your lawn and property so that they are properly illuminated. Here is a quick list of the types of landscape lighting products we use:

  • Outdoor Lighting Transformers
  • Path Lights
  • Directional Lights
  • Area Lights
  • 12-2 Lighting Wires
  • Well Lights
  • Annaltyical Timers
  • LED Bulbs

This is only a small list of the outdoor lighting products we use to illuminate your Ballwin property. The outdoor lighting brands that we trust and use often are:

Here are two videos further showcasing the brands and products that we trust:

How Do I Maintain My Ballwin Landscape Lights: 8 Steps to Clean and Maintain Outdoor Lights

  1. Cut back plants and branches.
  2. Remove debris from fixtures.
  3. Look for exposed or damaged cables.
  4. Check fixtures for damage.
  5. Replace bulbs.
  6. Clean metal or plastic components.
  7. Clean glass lenses.
  8. Check and adjust fixture positions.

Outdoor Lighting Ballwin - Landscape Lighting Ballwin

We want your property and house to look and feel incredible at night. Our landscape lighting company in Ballwin knows the best products to use to illuminate your property, as well as the proper methods to install each light so that your system can be easily maintained and altered if needed. We also service and maintain existing outdoor lighting systems in Ballwin as well. For any questions regarding our products, services, or pricing, call our outdoor lighting company now at (314) 450-0342.