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Irrigation Systems and Landscape Lighting should always be paired with Manchester, MO professional and complete lawn care plans
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Organic Lawn Care Manchester, MO | Lawn Seeding Manchester, MO

For your lawn to be green in Manchester, MO, there first has to be grass! Seeding grass isn't as easy as it may seem. Spreading the seeds thoroughly and evenly can keep weeds at bay. If your Manchester, MO lawn already has grass but needs a slight touch up, either because there are a few bare spots or the grass is starting to look thin, our staff of organic lawn care experts can take care of that, too.

Lawn seeding in Manchester, MO is primarily about ensuring that your grass remains thick and healthy. You should use our lawn seeding service every few years to keep the quality of your lawn. After 5 or 6 years however, your grass will slow its growth and become more prone to natural problems such as bugs, weeds, drought, etc. Reseeding ensures that your lawn is healthy and able to battle the various issues that can come about in your yard. With our professional lawn seeding service in Manchester, MO, your lawn will continue to be strong and look incredible for years to come.

Organic Lawn Care Manchester, MO | Lawn Fertilization Manchester, MO

Grass doesn't always have to be greener on the other side in Manchester, MO. You just have to know what it takes to get a green yard. Our organic lawn care experts in Manchester, MO can help you get there. Fertilization in Manchester, MO is all about what you use, how much of it you use, and balance.

If the individual or company you are currently trusting to fertilize your Manchester, MO lawn doesn't know this, then you have to ask yourself whether or not you have actually hired an expert. Measuring pH levels is crucial, and being aware of when to add or takeaway is important in helping grass grow in Manchester, MO. If you have questions about your lawn health, lawn fertilization, or other lawn care needs, call our organic lawn care pros at (314) 450-0342. We can give you a crystal clear picture of the health of your Manchester, MO lawn and the level of service you are currently getting.

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In addition to our Manchester, MO organic lawn care, see our other services below:

Organic Lawn Care Manchester, MO | Lawn Aeration Manchester, MO

Healthy lawns in Manchester, MO need air to grow, and the best method to make sure that water, nutrients, and air get to the roots of your lawn is by implementing an aeration plan into your lawn care. Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis is a lawn care company in Manchester, MO providing lawn aeration services. We know how to professionally aerate lawns, and can guarantee your yard receives superior service.

Why should you aerate your lawn? Over time, the soil that your Manchester, MO lawn is rooted in will become compacted, and it will be more difficult for your grass to get the vital nutrition that it needs. Our Manchester, MO high temperatures and low rainfall only heightens this problem. Grass needs space to be healthy to grow to its full potential. Feel free to give our organic lawn care company in Manchester, MO a call at (314) 450-0342 or contact us.

Organic Lawn Care Manchester, MO | Grub Control Manchester Manchester, MO

Can you recognize whether or not your Manchester, MO lawn even has a grub problem? Dead patches of grass or thinning in an area of your lawn can be direct indicators that you might have a grub problem. You're most likely to recognize the thinning grass in the months of August or September when higher heats and lower rainfall in Manchester, MO add more pressure to your lawn.

Does finding one grub in your lawn mean a grub infestation in Manchester, MO? Not necessarily. The ideal way to determine if you have an infestation is to peel back an area of grass that looks infected, and count how many grubs you can dig up in a 1-foot area. It’s likely you have an infestation if you find more than 10. If it’s less, you may not yet have a grub issue. You can repeat this procedure in other places of your Manchester, MO lawn to confirm whether you have an infestation and to learn if it has spread.

Organic Lawn Care Manchester, MO | Weed Control Manchester, MO

In any lawn in any Manchester, MO neighborhood, weeds can be unsightly. They grow faster than grass, they grow thicker and taller, and simply their existence can be harmful to the rest of the flowers or landscaping that you may be cultivating. Knowing the correct methods to destroy weeds calls for far more than just weedkiller and a trowel. You have to know how to keep them from coming back. Our lawn care services in Manchester, MO include weed prevention and control as a staple of the service.

Weed prevention demands several different methods to verify that weeds will not grow back. Weeds have to be destroyed all the way down to the roots. Once the roots are eradicated, you also need to take preemptive weed measures to ensure they don’t come back. An environmentally safe and organic combination of weedkiller, chemicals, and other preemptive measures should be used to completely destroy weeds. Our organic lawn care team knows the precise techniques and combinations that need to be used to guarantee the weeds are destroyed.

Organic Lawn Care in Manchester, MO | Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis

Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis is a family-owned and operated business that specializes in Manchester, MO organic lawn care. Absolutely nothing is more important to us than the safety and quality of the work we provide our Manchester, MO neighbors. Trust us with all of your Manchester, MO organic lawn care needs – whether it’s routine maintenance, annual backflow inspections, new installations, or as you prepare to sell your Manchester, MO home. We are here for you in Manchester, MO.

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