Sprinkler Repair Near Me in St. Peters, MO

Sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO. Do you need to find a company that performs high-quality sprinkler repair near you in St. Peters, MO? If your property has an irrigation-style sprinkler system, we think it's safe to say that you take pride in the appearance of your landscape and take its maintenance seriously. A sprinkler system is a convenient and reliable way to ensure that your yard stays attractive and lucious all year long - as long as you have access to the right sprinkler repair services near St. Peters, MO.

If you're wondering, "which company provides the best sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO?" look no further than Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis. Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis is the top sprinkler and irrigation repair company near you. Led by St. Louis native Robby Mudd with nearly 40 years of industry experience in sprinkler repair, Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis has a team of qualified professionals who know their way around any St. Peters, MO sprinkler system.

Sprinkler Repair Near St. Peters, MO

sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO

For the best customer service and expert sprinkler repair near St. Peters, MO, talk to Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis today. Find out how we can help you keep your lawn sprinkler system working to serve you by calling us now at 314-450-0342 or contacting us online. We can meet your lawn sprinkler system service, repair, maintenance, testing, and upgrading needs.

Sprinkler Repair Services

Any St. Peters, MO lawn sprinkler or irrigation system requires regular maintenance and repair work to continue performing as intended. The staff members of Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis have years of experience working with a wide range of lawn sprinkler models and brands. We understand how these systems work and how to keep them in good repair. Some of the sprinkler repair we commonly perform near you include:

Our staff of sprinkler repair experts has seen it all in the sprinkler repair game. We have an impressive history in the installation, maintenance, repair, and service of residential and commercial sprinkler systems near you. We know what to look for and will inspect your sprinkler system for repairs any time we come out to your property. Our expert eyes can spot sprinkler system issues and detect the necessary sprinkler repairs before those issues get out of hand. Count on Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis for all your St. Peters, MO sprinkler services, including annually scheduled inspections, sprinkler maintenance, and any necessary sprinkler repair near [ciyt], MO. We will keep your sprinkler system working for you for years to come.

When Do I Need Sprinkler Repair Near Me?

As a homeowner with a lawn sprinkler system on your St. Peters, MO property, it's your job to remember to schedulre regular sprinkler system maintenance. You should also check on your sprinkler system periodically to find any potential issues and, when required, search for a reputable company to perform sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO. Look for some of the common problems that require sprinkler repair.

  1. Clogged sprinklers

    This is easy to detect. If little or no water is flowing out of the nozzle, then some component in the sprinkler system, such as the sprinkler head, is probably clogged. A build up of dirt and debris are some of the most common forms of obstruction. In some cases, you may not need professional sprinkler repair near St. Peters, MO to remedy this.

  2. Mis-programmed timer boxes

    The timer box supplies your sprinkler system with energy from your home. Problems with programming or other power-related issues can prevent the timer box from functioning correctly. This is a more complex problem and should be taken care of by a professional who does sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO.

  3. Broken heads

    Sprinkler heads are prone to wear and tear and may require repair or replacement over time. Most of them are constructed from plastic, which breaks down after exposure to the UV rays from the sun or exposure toweather conditions like rain and freezing. The wearing down of the plastic head casing over time or trauma like running over the head with a lawnmower can break the sprinkler head itself or the tiny mechanical components that make it work. A broken sprinkler head can cause substantial problems, so you need to search for professional sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO right away.

  4. Broken pressure vacuum breaker

    One of the more extensive sprinkler repair jobs is replacing the pressure vacuum breaker. You must call your sprinkler maintenance company to schedule your yearly sprinkler blowout to protect the breaker from freezing and cracking. Once the breaker is cracked or broken, a lot less water reaches the control valves, causing very low pressure as the water exits the sprinkler head.

  5. Broken pipes

    The underground pipe system that makes up your lawn sprinkler system is central to the functioning of your irrigation, but the pipes, though exceptionally durable, are still liable to break over years of use. The pipes are put together and secured using specialized skills and supplies. The job is best left to the professionals who do sprinkler repair near me in St. Peters, MO. Even getting a grain of soil inside the pipe system when replacing a pipe or connection presents risks to your lawn sprinkler system that can lead to much more expensive and extensive repairs.

  6. Sprinklers that won't rise

    The great thing about an irrigation system is that it is hidden and barely visible on your property. That's also it's biggest weakness. When accidentally put over a sprinkler head's location, objects and growht like trash cans, lawn chairs, groundcover grass or shrubbery can obstruct a sprinkler from popping out of the ground when you need it. Lawnmowers and running children, too, can affect the sprinkler's ability to rise.

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Sprinkler Repair Near Me in St. Peters, MO | Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis

Is it time for you to schedule yearly maintenance of your home sprinkler system? Or have you come across a broken part or malfunction that requires the work of a professional sprinkler repair technician? When you're thinking to yourself, "I need the best possible sprinkler repair near me," there's only one thing to do. Talk to Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis. You can reach us by calling 314-450-0342 or contacting us online.