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Irrigation Companies Chesterfield, MO. An irrigation system is a necessity for a healthy lawn in Chesterfield, MO. You need a trustworthy, knowledgeable irrigation company in Chesterfield, MO working on and maintaining yours. No matter if it is inspecting and repairing an irrigation system or installing one, Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis stands by itself among Chesterfield- and St. Louis-area irrigation companies.

We provide no-charge estimates for a wide variety of lawn care services, and have over three decades of hands-on experience working in neighborhoods in Chesterfield, MO. The Lawn Sprinkler of St. Louis irrigation staff provides a complete range of system choices that you can put to use to ensure your Chesterfield, MO lawn is healthy, and that your sprinkler system is performing up to specifications.

Call us right away at (314) 450-0342 or contact us online for more information regarding how we separate ourselves from competing irrigation companies throughout the Chesterfield, MO area.

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Irrigation Companies Near Chesterfield, MO: Does Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis Provide Irrigation System Installations?

Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis definitely offers irrigation system installations in the Chesterfield, MO area. Our talented technicians rely on proven and trusted irrigation brands. The importance of a highly rated brand is almost immediately apparent, such as your pick of Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis among Chesterfield, MO and St. Louis irrigation companies, as you can save thousands of dollars with a professionally installed irrigation system. Listed below are some of the brands and products we choose and use in our irrigation system maintenance and installations in Chesterfield, MO:

As a leader among Chesterfield, MO irrigation companies, we offer the following to our Chesterfield, MO neighbors:

Call Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis today at (314) 450-0342 or reach out to us online. The clearcut benefit of owning an irrigation system is a vibrant, breathtaking landscaping and lawn. Other advantages in Chesterfield, MO are:

  • Freedom from the daily task of hand watering
  • Promoting a more enjoyable outdoor experience
  • Using less water (and money) while keeping a healthier lawn
  • Doing away with unsightly garden hoses
  • Enhancing your property value and marketability of your home

Irrigation Companies Near Chesterfield, MO: Does Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis Provide Irrigation System Repair?

It takes a knowledgeable, professional irrigation company to install an irrigation system in Chesterfield, MO. It also takes one to discover an irrigation problem, repair leaks, or diagnose wiring problems. Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis knows exactly what to look for. We use innovative technology as an avenue to perform a 10-point inspection so that we can diagnose problems with your irrigation system and fix them prior to becoming major hassles or full-blow disasters that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. The inspection includes:

  • Inspecting for broken, cracked, or leaking sprinkler heads
  • Rodents and other animals can be the root of sprinkler head issues. Additionally, when water freezes in the heads, they easily break or crack because of the pressure.

  • Inspecting for leaking, cracked pipes and fittings
  • Signs you have a leaking or cracked pipe in your Chesterfield, MO irrigation system include:

    • Flooded areas between sprinklers
    • Very wet or soft areas
    • Water bubbling up from the ground between sprinkler heads when the system is on
    • Ground depressions
    • Sprinkler line spraying dirty water
    • Sprinkler heads barely spraying or haphazardly shooting water and not popping all the way up
    • With the system off and no water being used in the house, water meter is still running
    • Mushrooms growing in a specific patch
  • Ensuring there are no leaking, cracked, or broken sprinkler valves
  • Much like sprinkler heads and your irrigation pipes, your sprinkler valves can be seriously damaged by ice and could be jammed or cracked, affecting your whole system.

  • Inspecting the operation of your backflow preventer
  • It is critical to keep contaminants away from your house’s water supply, which is exactly what your backflow preventer provides. Our irrigation specialists inspect the function of the device, making sure it is operating correctly.

  • Making sure there is proper coverage, proper zoning
  • Examining rain sensor for settings and operation
  • Inspecting the timing of the controller
Irrigation Companies Chesterfield, MO | Chesterfield, MO Area Lawn Care | Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis

Irrigation Companies Near Chesterfield, MO: What Separates Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis From the Competition?

Our knowledgeable team can take care of installations, along with all of your irrigation system’s repairs – no matter if it is performing inspections and regular maintenance, replacing or adjusting damaged sprinkler heads, fixing ruptured pipes, or hard-to-find irrigation wiring issues in the Chesterfield, MO area.

We have over 30 years of experience in all areas of lawn care services and landscape lighting. Our talented team recognizes how to deliver the results you want and we realize how to make your home and property look brilliant, day and night in Chesterfield, MO. Call us today now at (314) 450-0342 or reach out to us for a no-cost estimate.

We distance ourselves from other irrigation companies by providing the following services in Chesterfield, MO and throughout the St. Louis area:

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Lawn Sprinklers of St. Louis stands alone among irrigation companies in Chesterfield, MO and throughout Greater St. Louis. We are committed to delivering exceptional solutions in all of your lawn care and landscape lighting needs in Chesterfield, MO. Our licensed and bonded lawn care technicians are set to handle whatever your irrigation system dishes out. No Chesterfield, MO job is ever too big or too small. We are a local, family-owned and operated irrigation business with the main priority of supplying the best service to our clients and ensuring all of our work is completed safely and in a timely manner.

To get a free, no-obligation estimate or to learn more about any of our services in Chesterfield, MO, give us a call now at (314) 450-0342 or reach out to us online.